Allison Williams Ass
Allison Williams Ass

Only Allison Williams Could Make Getting Her Ass Eaten Out Boring

So, there's really no other way to put it: Allison Williams aka Marnie Michaels had her ass eaten out on Girls last night. And, just like there was no real lead-up to ease you into reading that statement, there was absolutely no lead-up to prepare you for this eye-opening scene, like, at all. Williams talked to Entertainment Weekly about what went down, and here's what she had to say:. It was an engineering achievement! I would manufacture it if more than one person a year needed it. I've had to do scenes like this twice now.

And there are tons of things to discuss about the season four premiere: Marnie got a rim job. Should ass-play really be such a big deal? Peter Pan or singing Kanye or even getting her ass eaten out—three things which are arguably impossible to take all the fun out of. And yet Williams manages to do so.

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I say "pretended" because Allison Williams is an actor on a television show, and also because there was some kind of elaborate contraption involved that prevented actual lip-to-crack contact and made her anus smell like a cake. Sadly this prevents me from making the "Brown Bunny" joke I so desperately want. Instead, I will make one about how maybe you missed this moment because you were busy watching all of Hollywood having their butts enthusiastically, metaphorically eaten. Good, now we all feel better. Anyhow, remember how I recently talked about buttplay taking the spotlight in the bedroom more? Well, here are a few facts about why Allison Williams having her bottom faux-frenched might be a big deal in any year except the bold new one in which we are living. Allison Williams also very recently played the role of "Peter Pan," a character traditionally intended for the entertainment of small children.

In case you missed it, this happened in the first few minutes of the Girls season 4 premiere last night:. Essentially, she turned her bum into a welcoming, cushioned, pastry-scented safe space. Allison Williams is nothing if not polite.

Lots of great stuff happening on HBO tonight. Who knew? Vulture has a big piece on this scene , which includes this reaction from Allison Williams's dad, Brian Williams:.

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Allison Williams Ass

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What you're seeing is Marnie (Allison Williams) getting her butt eaten out, nay motorboarded, by Desi (Ebon Moss-Bacharach). Gawker has a. Last night on the television program Girls, attractive actor Allison Williams pretended to have her butt eaten. I say "pretended" because Allison. Howard came to Satellite Radio and is bigger than ever; joined by his longtime team including Robin, Fred and Gary, hear the unusual, unexpected and uncensored, including the best celebrity interviews in the business. Howard Stern 3, views. The Howard Stern Show 32, views.
Allison Williams Ass

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Should ass-play really be such a big deal? as it turns out, Allison Williams aka Marnie takes all the fun out of literally everything she does. Allison Williams Made TV History By Letting Someone Eat Her Butt On 'Girls' was happening on Girls: some guy ate Allison Williams' butt. Some parts of this post are NSFW. For three years now I've been trying to figure out what it is about the way Allison Williams dresses that.

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Allison Williams Ass

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