Niggaz Wanna Act
Niggaz Wanna Act

Niggaz Wanna Act

Mais acessadas de Mase. Niggaz Wanna Act Mase. Yo, check this out right, Harlem on da rise. And you don't want no problem with us guys. Busta Rhymes Yo, if niggaz wanna act we can act You niggaz wanna scrap, we can scrap You niggaz got gats, we got gats You niggaz wanna style, we style If you get foul, we get foul You get wild, we get wild Verse Two: Yo, I do this everyday, why brag about the glory? Editar playlist Apagar playlist tem certeza que deseja deletar esta playlist? Quem pode ouvir essa lista?

Writer s: Log dich ein um diese Funktion zu nutzen. Niggaz Wanna Act Songtext von Mase feat. Busta Rhymes. Fehlerhaften Songtext melden. Alben Harlem World von Mase. Songtext kommentieren.

Trevor Tahiem Smith, Jr. Early in his career, he was known for his wild style and fashion, and today is best known for his intricate rapping technique, which involves rapping at a fast rate with lots of internal rhyme and half rhyme, and to date has received eleven Grammy nominations for his musical work. Your name: Your email address: Pick a user name: Forgot your password? Retrieve it.

Players like me'll leave your whole block bitter Roll hard like when I see the bank stop nigga Hustle is a hustle, so I never knock a nigga Don't really fuck with Dame, but still I cop Jigga [Repeat 1] [Mase] Yo, I do this everyday, why brag about the glory? Tell you the whole truth, never half the story You wasn't no hater, you'd probably be happy for me Billboard first slot in every category Niggas say they love me, they don't love me I know deep down they wanna slug me I feel the vibe when they hug me Luckily I rock jewels that be chuckie Over Iceberg Rhugby, pushin' a Benz buggey For a better batch, roll fever for notes And need I approach little niggas seated in coach I mean, um, think it's smaller than the weed in my roach The seed in my smoke, the niggas ain't cheap, they broke Oh yeah, this my dough year Jealousy and envy'll get you nowhere You don't like me, bet against me You right, got dough do whatever you like I get front row seats on the night of the fight My Roley too tight, how many link, loosen my ice And 'for I scoop the dice, bet a grand I beat the duece twice Niggas who don't make dough, I can affil'ate with 'em I'm dyin' from a sickness known as Willie-ism [Busta Ad Libs around Chorus while: We can scrap Niggaz wanna wild? Volg ons op social media.

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Niggaz Wanna Act

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Niggaz Wanna Act Lyrics: Yo, check this out right / Harlem on da rise / And you don't want no problem with us guys, uh / M-A-dollar sign-E / And if you ever out. Mase - "Niggaz Wanna Act" feat. Busta Rhymes Produced by Dame Grease & Young Lord Bad Boy () Dame Grease. Mix - Mase - Niggaz Wanna Act (Ft. Busta Rhymes)YouTube. Biggie Smalls - Notorious Thugs - Duration: Biggie Smalls 41,, views.
Niggaz Wanna Act

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Yo, you the type of cat in the building holdin' the cracks Playin' some the niggas on the corner holdin' the gatts Nigga come through, a nigga kill. Niggaz Wanna Act by Mase feat. Busta Rhymes - discover this song's samples, covers and remixes on WhoSampled. Niggaz Wanna Act (feat. Busta Rhymes) [Explicit]. by Mase. out of 5 stars 2 · Streaming · Listen with Music Unlimited. Or $ to buy MP3 album.

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Niggaz Wanna Act

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