Peter Chen Ho
Peter Chen Ho

Peter Chen Ho

Known as the "Classic Beauty", she was one of the most celebrated actresses of Hong Kong cinema. She died from barbiturate overdose at the age of She was born in the midst of the Battle of Shanghai , one of the bloodiest battles of the Second Sino-Japanese War , during which her father was killed by Japanese bombing before she was born.

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You know, I've reviewed so many Shaw Brothers films that it's starting to feel like work. Heck, it is work! Even my half-assed reviews take time and effort, you know! I didn't really want to post a review on Sons of Good Earth because it's just not the sort of thing that I feel equipped to review. So, this will be a very lazy review and I'm only posting this because the film does contain an amazing number of Shaw celebrities and it is a King Hu film. The main characters are a pair of painters -- billboard painters in one scene -- played by Peter Chen Ho and Lee Kwan. Peter's character rescues Betty Loh Ti who's a girl who's been sold into servitude or marriage -- that part didn't really seem clear to me. Admittedly, Betty Loh Ti looks a bit too old for this sort of part but the actress is glamourous and lovely and brings a nice forced vulnerability to the early scenes.

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Photo added by Peterborough K. Also known as Hou Chen and Shanghou Chen. A native of Shanghai, China, he was a popular chinese actor of both mandarin and western style films, some Marc Jacobs Profile which included romance, action, or comedic roles. He is also known for appearing in several dramas and musicals as well, including "The Dancing Millionairess"in which he appeared with his wife.

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Peter Chen Ho

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Also known as Hou Chen and Shanghou Chen. A native of Shanghai, China, he was a popular chinese actor of both mandarin and western style films, some of which included romance, action, or . What’s one thing you’ll always remember when you think of Peter?. The same year she also married actor Peter Chen Ho, and together had two kids, Thomas and Ruth. She signed a contract with MP&GI in Peter Chen Ho, Actor: Kuai lo qing chun. Peter Chen Ho was born on July 1, in Shanghai, China as Shanghou Chen. He was an actor, known for Kuai lo .
Peter Chen Ho

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Betty Loh Ti (24 July – 27 December ), also known as Le Di or Loh Tih, was a Hong Loh married actor Peter Chen Ho in January , and gave birth to a daughter named Chen Mingming in September , but they divorced in. Biography. Born as Chen Shang-Ho in Shanghai, Chen was widely regarded as the "King of Comedy" in the Mandarin film circle. His screen debut was "Qiu Jin. Other names: Chan Hau Chen Ho Peter Chen Chen Shang Ho Chen2 Hou4. Birthdate: 1/7/ Date of death: 16/4/ Nationality: China. Workplace.

Gender: Male. Aliases: Hou Chen, Shanghou Chen. Description: Peter Chen Ho was an actor. Birth: July 1 Shanghai. Death: Apr 16 New York City. The fact that Peter Chen Ho always reminds me of Fred Astaire is not a plus when watching Sons of Good Earth as I felt like I was trying to. Peter Chen Ho's films include Mambo Girl, Hong Kong Nocturne, Sons of the Good Earth, The Brain Stealers.

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Peter Chen Ho

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