Special Adult Bible Study
Special Adult Bible Study

1st Quarter 2019-The Book of Revelation

We will cover subjects such as abortion, the golden rule, and age related issues. Open to all with child care provided. Adult Bible Studies. It is His Truth for our lives. Through it, He reveals His love and purpose for each one of us and our families.

This program Peppa Pig Puzzle Games us through all the major events and characters of the Bible in a single year. You are welcome to participate in an ongoing group, or stop in for a single gathering at any time. Sunday School meets Special Adult Bible Study worship time on Sunday mornings from September to June. The program is led by the Christian Education Committee and is staffed by volunteers. All volunteers who work with children or youth have been approved, background checked, and abide by our Misconduct Prevention Policy. The policy is available in the office by request.

We encourage you to visit several groups if you wish, so that you may find a comfortable place to engage in transformational Bible study on Sunday mornings. Age ranges are given, but many groups feature adults of mixed ages. If you would like help getting connected with a group, contact Connie McNeill.

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Almost two millennia ago, the apostle John was exiled on a small, rocky island in the Aegean Sea because of his faithful witness to the gospel. The aged apostle endured all the hardships of Roman imprisonment. On one particular Sabbath, he had a special visit from Jesus Christ, who came to encourage His servant in his suffering. This quarter, we will delve into this book. Our study of Revelation is based on the biblical concept of the inspiration of the Bible. While the messages of the book came from God, the language in which they were communicated is human. This method illustrates how we should make every effort to derive meaning from the text itself, rather than imposing a predetermined interpretation upon it. Our analysis of Revelation will be based on the fourfold structure of the book:.

We believe that this strange collection of stories can tell us who we are, who God is. In its pages, we discover what God wants for us and for the world. Our still- speaking God is most often heard in the voices of other people. So we make time for Bible Study at Plymouth Church: Watch the Events calendar for specific times and places of special Bible study groups. The Plymouth Women Scholarships are awarded once a year to two or more college students who are preparing for a career in service such as seminary, social work, education, medicine, etc.

Sunday classes are held between the early and late services, from 9: Classes are held for all ages, starting as young as three years old. Several Adult Bible Study classes are offered every week.

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Ashley Tisdale Buit Fleetwood Bible Church, we believe that biblical understanding should support faithful living. With an eye toward spiritual formation, some classes are organized around a book of the Bible, and some are centered on a theological topic. Adult Sunday School classes are formed each quarter around a Bible book study, a theological topic, or a practical need. Sunday school classes are held from 9: You can find a detailed description for each class in the Spring quarter here.

This beautiful Heaven and Earth Wall Calendar will draw you to a theme each month to reflect upon. A passage of Scripture for each month allows for meditation on the theme for that specific month.

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Special Adult Bible Study

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On one particular Sabbath, he had a special visit from Jesus Christ, who Our study of Revelation is based on the biblical concept of the inspiration of the Bible. And, you can sometimes find a specialized group (like a young adult group, a group for adults with special needs, and a group for non-English speakers) that. Several Adult Bible Study classes are offered every week. Adults have the option to Periodically, special topical studies are offered. While some studies are.
Special Adult Bible Study

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The whole church (Sunday School, Youth Group, Adult Small Groups, and our Bible Studies, Small Groups, Mission focus, Fellowship groups, and special. Adult Sunday School Throughout the year we offer special studies on Advent, Lent, and special topics of interest that help us explore God's Word and truth and . We offer a Bible study called Friendship for adults who are intellectually delayed. The class meets each Monday from – pm for Bible teaching, fellowship.

Bible Lessons for Children and Adults with Special Needs, Developmental disabilities, Ministry resources for the disabled. Age ranges are given, but many groups feature adults of mixed ages. If you would Once or twice each year we follow a special book or topical study. Most of. Bible Studies for Life: Kids Special Buddies. Resources available: VBS Journey Off The Map - Special Friends Leader Guide. Starting at$

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Special Adult Bible Study

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