Trump And Black Americans
Trump And Black Americans

Trump's insults of black Americans are disgusting and dangerous

President Donald Trump won only 8 percent of the black vote in the election. President Donald Trump on Sunday boasted of his support among African-Americans by citing questionable polling data, two days before voters cast their ballots in a midterm election with historic implications for black candidates. That Rasmussen survey, a daily tracking poll from Oct. A Fox News poll from Oct.

Once he got the arrest of a mail bombings suspect out of the way, the autocrat-cum-standup comedian routine could begin. Subsequent to his bizarre Oval Office encounter with West earlier this month, Trump claimed, his approval rating among All Star Porno Video Americans soared by an unheard of 26 points. The audience cheered and clapped. Trump And Black Americans one asked for a fact check. The president added: When playing the role of bull in china shop, he tends to put his head down and charge. So it was here.

For single mother Latasha Harwell, it has meant finally landing a full time job as a medical assistant, one with the regular 9 to 5 hours she needs so she can care for her kids. Unemployment in Memphis hit a post-crisis low of 3. It has since crept back above 4 percent, though partly because of more people joining the labor force.

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On the morning after, a unique wave of despair, anger, fear and depression washed over much of black America. After learning that Donald Trump had been elected president, some folks cried. Sought refuge in the Bible.

The opinions expressed in this commentary are his own. View more opinion articles on CNN. CNN It's not your imagination: President Trump, who regularly makes a point of personally insulting public figures who challenge or displease him in any way, taps into an especially toxic well of vitriol when aiming his attacks at black Americans.

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Their unapologetic support for President Trump was greeted with huge applause at the Conservative Political Action Conference, which concluded Saturday with an appearance by the president. Days before, Michael D. Cohen, Mr. Owens said in an interview from the bustling convention hall on Friday. Their very presence, some of Mr. At the committee hearing, the surprise appearance Trump And Black Americans a black Trump surrogate raised fresh debates in Washington about the New Milf Pictures number of black people who are in Mr. According to some polls, 92 percent of black voters, who are overwhelmingly Democrats, disapprove of Mr.

Issued on: October 26,

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Trump And Black Americans

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Young black conservatives wore Make America Great Again caps and chanted the president's name at the White House. Mr Trump won just 8% of the African. Trump often highlights that overall U.S. unemployment has reached a year low on his watch, and that joblessness among black Americans. RECORD-BREAKING RESULTS: Under President Donald J. Trump, economic opportunity is soaring and unemployment is dropping for African Americans. Total African-American employment has increased by , since President Trump’s election and stands at a record high.
Trump And Black Americans

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Blacks didn't buy his attempt to pit one group of low-wage workers against another in , and aren't buying it now. “The second you put him in front of a crowd of black Americans, they love the small collection of Mr. Trump's African-American supporters. On the morning after, a unique wave of despair, anger, fear and depression washed over much of black America. After learning that Donald Trump had been .

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Trump And Black Americans

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