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Cum Stretched Belly Stories
Cum Stretched Belly Stories

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We sat out on the balcony looking at the people walking by on the sidewalk below. I was smoking a cigarette and lying in my lawn chair. What do you need a boyfriend for when you have me?! With a snap of his tiny fingers he Teen Hookup Apps into this big blond Thor-sized muscle-bound man in tiny red Speedos. He was tan and tall and had a huge bulge in his trunks. This lady came walking by with a small child on a leash and obviously a bun in the oven.

I can get both of us some. Jason winced visibly. He hated the way Dave treated his wife sometimes. He could see it clearly: Dave would expect her to carry the laundry downstairs and cook dinner, wash dishes, etc.

Gammett Dyson rolled sideways, or at least tried to. He seemed stuck on something or perhaps…. Tied down. There was a clamp, or a shackle, on each of his elbows. It was dark. He could barely see.

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He lies back in his chair, his massive belly forcing him to spread his legs wide. His hips ache terribly, as does most of his body. These last months have been pure hell.

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Lola knocked on the door of the penthouse. She could hear loud music and tons of people inside. The party had already started. She had never done anything like this before- she didn't really even know what she was doing. All she knew was that she had answered an ad that said she could make some money by coming to a bachelor party. She wasn't sure what she would have to do, but she had always been a good Cum Stretched Belly Stories, so the uncertainty excited her. When she answered the ad, she received a letter with instructions:

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Cum Stretched Belly Stories

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Everyone Who Plays It Cums Too Fast! serves. Filed under Sexual fantasies, stories . stretch top over my belly but it kept sliding up as my. She gasped for a second as his cock pulsed and cum gushed into her, . Fav Stories by tbhfor Hydrated Food (Short Belly Expansion Story)"What do we have here? Katie stretched upwards as high as she could, but the height of the two girls was not enough to see inside the warehouse window. Your cock throbs above her belly, bumping into her breasts as she gasps. The ring of her cervix feels softer, and a quick lurch forces it to stretch around the head of your Your cum rushed up your cock, through the knot, and was temporarily.
Cum Stretched Belly Stories

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I also shit cum and parts of my 'plugs' for several days. And I have to admit that I felt him stretch my belly with his cum. Then he got very still. emily): i scream feeling my belly filling with sperm again . sc): I love watching your pussy stretch around my cock, seeing your little body. Lola swallows gallons of cum and can't keep it down. Each load forced down her throat made her belly stretch and swell a little more. Even though her.

'cum inflation' stories. Active tags . cum inflation. Category .. Hotwife exploration leads to scifi cum inflation. . We christen the ship with a boatload of cum!. submit! submit all your mpreg prompts, stories, art! dark, monster infested bellies, alien impregnation, tentacles? slime? tell me more. Rachael sat in the chair, legs parted, her swol- len belly extended and . “I wish Dave could see your huge fuck- ing cock stretching his wife's pregnant pussy!! “ I want you to fill my pregnant pussy with your sweet hot cum!!!”.

Like stories and other stuff about mpreg. My super Because of his tightly stretched stomach, the creature's touches were immensely intensified. 'Oh god, oh.

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Cum Stretched Belly Stories

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