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Protest Babes Lebanon
Protest Babes Lebanon

Lebanon repeals law that allowed rapists to escape justice by marrying victim

A debate has broken out among SC readers about whether the most recent crop of demonstraters are as telegenic as those of the March 14 crowd. Sent by a kind reader. Sent by Alex. The Ar Sign says: Here are more pictures linked to another blog which raised the question of why there were not Hizbullah Babes! Until yahoo moves the pictures, there are some protest babes here , here , here , here , here , here , here , here , and here.

An allowance for support to a person by the former spouse, which is also known as post-dissolution maintenance. A community of property regime typically involves a legal regime where all property acquired during marriage is presumptively owned jointly by both spouses. Community of property systems usually recognize that property that is owned before the marriage, Kim Kardashian Potno, or received as a gift remains separate property. According to Christian and Druze personal status laws, a spouse that a judge finds to be liable for an annulment, dissolution, or divorce is responsible for compensating the other spouse for damages at the termination of the marriage. Custody as defined in the Lebanese context entails the preservation and care of a child and concern Protest Babes Lebanon his or her material and moral upbringing until such point as he or she no longer requires it. Custody is by definition of a limited duration and ends when the child no longer needs care. As long as the matrimonial bond exists, custody is the duty of both spouses.

Hundreds of thousands of opposition demonstrators flowed into the centre of the Lebanese capital yesterday, filling two wide squares and engulfing a tent encampment set up by protesters 10 days ago. Since the area has been sealed off by the army, the multitude came on foot. Ranks of men, women, children and babes in pushcarts, bearing or wearing Lebanese flags or the flags of the coalition of parties, called for a national unity government. People swept like rivers along wide avenues and trickled along narrow alleyways, through army barricades, down steps. A single Lebanese flag hung limply from the roof of the Serai, the seat of government where prime minister Fouad Siniora and his cabinet have been besieged since industry minister Pierre Gemayel was assassinated late last month. A sea of thousands of waving red, white and green national flags stretched below in the squares, in the streets and on the flyovers which connect east and west Beirut.

Lebanon has joined a number of other Arab states in scrapping a law that allowed rapists to escape punishment by marrying their victims. Lawmakers voted on Wednesday to repeal an article of the Lebanese penal code that deals with rape, assault, kidnapping and forced marriage. Jordan and Tunisia banned similar laws this year. Article includes a provision that allows rapists to avoid criminal prosecution if they marry their victim. Its abolition follows a lengthy campaign by activists. It is no longer possible to escape punishment for rape and sexual acts carried out by force and coercion.

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A woman, with the words 'the truth' painted on her face, attends an anti-Syrian rally in Beirut March 14, Hundreds of thousands of anti-Syrian protesters flooded central Beirut on Monday in what witnesses said was Lebanon's biggest demonstration since former prime minister Rafik al-Hariri's killing exactly a month ago. Thousands of Lebanese made their way toward the capital for another huge demonstration called by an emboldened opposition determined to end Syria's near year military presence in Lebanon.

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Archaic legislation contravening women's human rights finally abolished after years of campaigning. On Wednesday. It is so positive and hopefully other countries in the region will capitalise on this growing consensus the law has to change. Similar marriage clauses are present in the law regarding sexual consent in many modern Muslim states. They are usually hangovers from colonialist Stop Gay Urges of sharia, or religious law.

And so, by popular demand, here it is! A few words, though, before we begin.

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Protest Babes Lebanon

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#lebanon:girls in wedding dresses and bandages during a silent #protest against #rape and #violence against women #beirut # I've received more email asking for a Babes of Lebanon photo gallery . I always retorted to glenn: yeah, but where are the protest babes!??. “Congratulations to women in Lebanon,” the NGO Abaad wrote on its of a year-old girl and the attempted suicide of a year-old, both of.
Protest Babes Lebanon

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Women in Lebanon protest law allowing rapists to marry their victims . Rape and sexual abuse affect nearly one billion women and girls over. In all the talk of the protests in Lebanon, one thing has been completely overlooked Lebanese chicks are hot. (The determination of whether. Activists hold placards during a protest demanding civil marriage in to emergency temporary shelters for women and girls across Lebanon.

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Protest Babes Lebanon

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