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Thompson Swing Hammer
Thompson Swing Hammer

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It's because of 5R Rifling that so many of our firearms include the Minute of Angle MOA guarantee three shots in one inch at yards, with premium ammunition. By design, the edges of each land do not cut into and deform the bullet jacket. When the bullet jacket is less deformed, there will be less jacket fouling in the grooves. The results are better consistency of accuracy from shot to shot, greater bullet stability over multiple shots, and ultimately, a rifle that's easier to clean thoroughly.

Made from aircraft quality T6 Aluminum. Semi gloss black anodized finish. My hammer spur extension can be mounted on either the left or right side of the hammer spur and will give you a more comfortable 90 degree angle against your thumb. Hammer Spur Extension Black. Products Sort by:

WE actually stock more parts than are listed here so if you don't see what you need, give us a call at Sort by: Low to High Price:

The current notion of break-action muzzleloading rifle popularity is directly attributable to Thompson's Encore. Yet, though many companies have done their best to ride on the coat tails of the Encore success, they have all fallen a long way short of the mark. The basis is simple:

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If you have any questions regarding Thompson Center Accessories please email Sales btibrands. Please call Customer Service for further details. The only caveat to this is the Encore FX designed as only a muzzleloader and cannot accept interchangeable barrels. How does it work? Tar, used to pave highways, is made by heating petroleum based oil. In other words, heat plus petroleum oil equals tar! The first step is to remove all traces of oil from your muzzleloader by cleaning the bore with hot water and a detergent. Then coat the bore with Bore Butter using a patch or swab saturated with it.

Hey guys, I recently put a scope on my muzzy. I now need to move the swing hammer to the side. I cant get my fat thumb in there to pull it back.

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Vendor Deals. Facebook Remember Me? Old Broken Encore Hammer. Broke the hammer extension on my Encore. It has a hammer extension on it so I assume over a period of time it weakened it from the extra weight and finally broke. Has anyone replaced theirs?

The "Swing Hammer" can be locked into a left, center or right position -depending on your preference. A wrench is provided from the factory. After repositioning the hammer spur, tighten the locking screw securely.

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Thompson Swing Hammer

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SWING HAMMER®. A rotating hammer design currently available on the Encore Pro Hunter. This adjustable hammer can be off set to allow easy access to the. Does Thompson make a hammer extension for the Encore? a hammer extension, however a conversion for the Pro-Hunter Swing Hammer® is available . NOTE: The Encore®, as sold by Thompson/Center, is sold as either a The Encore® Swing Hammer® uses one self-locking screw to hold the spur in the.
Thompson Swing Hammer

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TC Pro Hunter Swing Hammer. Mule Deer Hunting, Elk Hunting and Western Big Game Hunting. Forums, Articles, Photos, Tips, Information. It has a hammer extension on it so I assume over a period of time it weakened it from TC will do the swing hammer conversion for $ **Note** - Although the Pro Hunter frames do have a "swing" hammer spur the spur only extends 45 degrees left or right. This can feel a bit awkward and/or.

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Thompson Swing Hammer

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