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Wrestling Beaten Blonde
Wrestling Beaten Blonde

Act Yasukawa

The Hollywood Blonds is a name used by several professional wrestling tag teams over the years. The most well known team to use the "Hollywood Blonds" moniker was "Stunning" Steve Austin and "Flyin" Brian Pillman who used the name as a heel tag team in World Championship Wrestling WCW in and and is often mentioned when talking about great tag teams. The two quickly became one of the top heel acts in the territory with their "Hollywood superstar" arrogance and cheating ways.

Shuffle Tag Tournament — Round 1: Shuffle Tag Tournament — Round 2: Sudden Death — 1 Count Fall: Shuffle Tag Tournament — Semi Final: Shuffle Tag Tournament — Final: The teams all contained one Big Japan wrestler and one DDT wrestler although a few had an extra wrestler aiding them from ringside one way or another.

Making her pro wrestling debut in , she wrestled exclusively for the joshi puroresu promotion Stardom. Yasukawa was known for temporarily incorporating the blindness in her right eye, an effect of Graves' Disease , into her persona by wearing an eyepatch. She was also known for commonly carrying a bottle of rum to the ring to spit at people as part of her performance. The trio won a tournament to decide the inaugural Artist of Stardom Champions.


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Wrestling Beaten Blonde

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I am a guy who lost to a girl in wrestling. She is a strong blonde girl who in fact beat all the boys in our grade at wrestling. When I wrestled her I was amazed by. Hot, rich blonde gets squashed in women's wrestling match epic real life beat down on Sexy Sindy to teach her a wrestling lesson; the ring is. Subscribe to WWE on YouTube: "I don't need you or anyone else telling me that this isn't UFC and that WWE is different.
Wrestling Beaten Blonde

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Click here to watch great FREE Movies & TV: The ladies of WEW are ready to bring the hurt!. Yuka Yasukawa (安川結花, Yasukawa Yuka,, born November 13, ), better known by the ring name Act Yasukawa (安川惡斗, Yasukawa Akuto), is a Japanese retired professional wrestler. Making her pro wrestling debut in , she wrestled exclusively for the joshi At the Stardom 4th Anniversary Show at Korakuen Hall, Yasukawa defeated. Wrestlers, however, do not have padding to bu›er bodily contact. can also be used to teach the lesson that coming out of the closet will get you brutally beaten. He took gold hairpins from his blonde curls and threw them into the crowds.

He would turn this into a professional career when he started wrestling for to see his pretty blonde hairstyle ruined and the smug arrogance beaten out of him, . (the kid in the bleach blonde hair) was none other than Brian Hebner: Earl's son. It was another short match, as Palumbo was beaten cleanly by Bradshaw's. The Hollywood Blonds is a name used by several professional wrestling tag teams over the On March 18, , the duo defeated Greg Valentine and Gorgeous George, Jr. Due to disputes over pay and billing the Blonds' time in Tri State.

Shuffle Tag Tournament – Round 1: Yuya Aoki & MAO defeated The bald and blonde wrestlers beat up their opponents along to the music.

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Wrestling Beaten Blonde

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