Bottom Dispense Bulk Wagon
Bottom Dispense Bulk Wagon

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The mineral production industries are inextricably linked with railways. Since the earliest days of mining, the problem of transporting large volumes of heavy material has seen solutions develop into the rail infrastructure we know today. But if the basic principles of rail transportation remain unchanged since their first inception the same cannot be said for the way their bulk material cargoes are handled. Wagons with sides or bottoms that drop out to enable the freight to be dumped have been developed to speed the unloading of material, with varying degrees of success. We wanted to make sure that system was as efficient and cost effective as possible. Kiruna looked at and developed the concept of a rotary unloading system which steers loaded wagons along rails through a stationary structural steel corkscrew arrangement that automatically tips the hinged wagon body from its chassis, which stays on the rails. This enables the payload to be dispensed from the curved body of the wagon as the train continues through the unloading station without losing any of its momentum.

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A feed bin with a lateral discharging auger chute is used for the deliver of a bulk particulate feed, the bin including a hopper in which feed is held defining a lower taper floor forming a lower opening which directs the contents by a horizontal auger positioned within the lower opening into a horizontal chute where the particulate feed is dispensed. The feed bin with an auger is a component part of an overall system for the deliver and exchange of bulk feed through storage and exchange bins for the convenience and used by ranchers and bulk feed distributors. A preliminary review of prior art patents was conducted by the applicant which reveal prior art patents in a similar field or general purpose.

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United States Patent f US. Background and summary of the invention The invention herein relates to unloading apparatus in connection with a bulk loading box. Customarily such boxes are unloaded by a belt or screw type of conveyor underlying a bottom opening and the entire load within the box is afl ected as by tumbling when unloading is commenced. In connection with root crops such as potatoes, there is suflicient movement of the goods within the box when unloading is commenced that jamming at the discharge end of the box is not unusual and there results damage to the crop caused by bruising. With reference to the art which is known, U. Letters Patent No. A similar showing is made in US.

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The features presented in broken lines are for environmental purposes only and form no part of the claimed design. The broken lines depict portions of the trailer for proppant containers in which the design is embodied that are not considered part of the claimed design. Oren, Joshua. Oren, Josh…. Referenced by. The ornamental design for a trailer for proppant containersas shown and described. Priority Apr 05

This application is a continuation in part of U. This invention relates to a seed cart, in particular a seed cart for use with agricultural planting machines such as corn planters. The seed cart is configured to discharge seed from multiple bulk seed containers and other agricultural products, and includes an auger offloading ability to a planter or other agricultural equipment. Agricultural plating machines have grown considerably in size and complexity.

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Bottom Dispense Bulk Wagon

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A wheel supported grain wagon includes a container with sloping side walls extending to an incline bottom wall, and a gravity discharge opening is formed within one of USB1 Bulk seed handling and dispensing system. , Bulk seed handling and dispensing system, , Beck, / .. 1, the seed cart 10 includes a lower frame 11 comprised of a. All tank wagons are equipped with a double bulk head, allowing us to Contact our experts today for advice on how to store, handle, and dispense DEF for fleets of productivity and bottom line profits by eliminating non-productive labor and.
Bottom Dispense Bulk Wagon

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Cl. 3 Claims ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A bulk loading Wagon box having lower sloping inner side walls, an opening centrally longitudinally of. lubricant between bulk delivery and dispensing to the machine application. This guideline is meant to provide . Tank Bottoms and Drainage Points. ,, Sep 08 , Construction filler material dispensing apparatus drum -like fiberboard container for bulk material with funnel-like dispensing bottom UNVERFERTH MANUFACTURING CO, INC, AN OH CORP, Portable cart with.

4 is a bottom view of the bulk feed storage and auger bin. of the drawings, for the bulk handling and dispensing of a particulate feed for livestock or other. PART - I RECEIVING BULK FUEL SUPPLIES 1 DOCUMENTATION: When For tanks fitted with floating suction devices for dispensing fuel, the Tank bottom sample of ATF shall be tested for microbiological growth once in a year. .. Tank wagons, Tank Trucks, Refuellers, Dispensers and packed containers to. receipt of bulk deliveries of lubricants, whether they are in tank cars, tank wagons, cover should be opened and the bottom outlet valve checked for leakage. in refilling bulk bins or the main storage tanks in centralized grease- dispensing.

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Bottom Dispense Bulk Wagon

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