Mosaic Spinal Implant
Mosaic Spinal Implant

FDA Clears Three Spine Implants from Spinal Elements

The new instrument enables both distraction of the vertebral bodies and insertion of the Mosaic implant. The Mosaic gun then automatically places the implant into the disc space and releases the implant. The Mosaic Gun, as part of the Mosaic Spinal Implant System, offers surgeons a quicker and easier approach to an established spinal procedure. The Mosaic Spinal Implant System permits screw fixation at locations both superior and inferior to the implant site, reducing the potential for implant displacement. The Mosaic implant is offered in three configurations to allow surgeons intraoperative flexibility to address the surgical conditions of the patient..

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Mosaic Spinal Implant

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Torsional stiffness of Mosaic compares to that of standard cervical interbody and plate with four screws++; Mosaic implants feature a stackable design to. The Mosaic device is an interbody fusion device intended for spinal fusion disc confirmed by history and radiographic studies) of the cervical spine. Implants. Mosaic® Cervical Implant System is an stand-alone, low-pro le device that combines a plate and interbody spacer for solid anterior cervical fusion. More than , spinal fractures in North America every year · Smith.
Mosaic Spinal Implant

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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration cleared Spinal Elements' Crystal, Mosaic and Vertu spine fusion devices just in time for the new year. Professional information on Medtronic's Mosaic® and Mosaic Ultra® Our innovative Cinch™ implant system further capitalizes on the valve's flexible stent to. Crystal®; Mosaic®; Vertu®. Indications for Use (Describe). Crystal®: The Crystal ® device is intended for spinal fusion procedures at one level.

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Mosaic Spinal Implant

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