Pink Panther Thumbnails
Pink Panther Thumbnails

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Paul Zimmerman Photography, Inc. Pink Panther Premiere. Photo Info. Dimensions x Original file size KB. Image type JPEG. Color space sRGB.

He was As Cato Fong, Mr. With the exception of major stunts, such as an foot leap into the Seine, Sellers and Mr Kwouk performed the fights themselves. He moved to Shanghai a few months later, and his prosperous family sent him to study at Bowdoin College in Maine. He played a reformed prisoner who sacrifices his life to aid Bergman.

Do you like ignorant detectives, ninja sidekicks and the antics of various assassins? It will be on stage next week, in Centennial Hall, on 10, 11 and 12 May from 7. Just released from a mental hospital, Pauline Dreyfus Rachel van der Linden intends to kill off Inspector Clouseau Garrett Harrington , a former underling who lives with his manservant Cato Ashleigh Clinton and whose blundering drove the previous head of police around the bend. Dreyfus captures Professor Fassbender Riley Atwell and his daughter Margot Talisha Nichols , ordering him to create a weapon that will destroy the planet— the Doomsday Machine. Dreyfus threatens world leaders with annihilation unless they hand over his nemesis by using assassins, including Russian femme fatale Olga Bariosova Maddy Leane.

I was smiling all the way through the opening credits of "The Pink Panther 2. This time, one about the misadventures of the Pink Panther, of course. And 10 of the actors in the movie's cast! Imagine these names appearing one after another:

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These are photos taken by retoren, who discovered a cache of Philips prototype items in Michigan in His neighbor is a former Philips salesman. Retroren wishes to thank John and Derrick at Game Changers in Grand Rapids, who provided the hardware necessary to prove that the prototypes still worked. As retroren put it, "These two young guys sold all they had to open their vintage gaming shop and were the only gamers in Michigan that were interested and helped me bring Pink Panther to life. Unfortunately the lighting conditions weren't the best for photography so the photos are not high quality. I cleaned them up as best I could. Toggle navigation MENU.



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Pink Panther Thumbnails

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Browse thumbnails of Steve Martin Pink Panther. Quickly find the best pictures of Steve Martin Pink Panther. Browse thumbnails from the album "The Pink Panther 2" Paris Photocall. 'The Pink Panther' Screen Captures. Title + · - • File Name + · - • Date + · - • Position + · - · The_Pink_Panther__p_mkvjpg 44 views.
Pink Panther Thumbnails

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The largest photo gallery for Beyoncé Knowles with + pictures, including photoshoots, appearances, performances, candids and more. Prototype Discovery: ColecoVision Pink Panther and More. Click thumbnails to view larger images. These are photos taken by retoren, who discovered a cache . Home > Films - s > Screen Captures > The Pink Panther 2 Screen Captures( ). The Pink Panther 2 Screen Captures().

World Premiere "Pink Panther 2" held at the Ziegfeld Theater. Photo Credit: Paul Zimmerman/AdMedia. Thumbnails. Info. Photo Info. Bollywoods first bahu played it safe with her wardrobe as she turned up for the New York premiere of Pink Panther 2. The year-old also kept a simple theme.

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Pink Panther Thumbnails

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