Teens Visit Emergency Room
Teens Visit Emergency Room

Marijuana-related ER visits by Colorado teens on the rise

Between and , the proportion of emergency department or urgent care visits by youth ages 13 to 20 for pot-related illnesses rose from 1. Marijuana is legal for medical use in 29 states and Washington DC. Eight states plus Washington DC, including Colorado, have legalized recreational use as well. Patients had often consumed another substance in addition to marijuana, with alcohol being the most common. About half of the patients were sent home after their emergency visit, 30 percent were admitted to the hospital and the rest were transferred to different facilities.

Suicide-related hospital visits for children have increased sharply in the U. The study in Pediatrics found that from to the proportion of children's hospital visits Romantic Restaurants Victoria Bc from suicide attempts or suicidal thinking nearly doubled from. Teens aged 15 to 17 showed the biggest increase. And, while the proportion of suicide-related hospital visits rose for both boys and girls, the increase was higher for girls. The study also found that hospital visits for suicide attempts or suicidal thinking by children are lowest during summer and highest in the fall and spring.

The number of teenagers sent to emergency rooms more than quadrupled after marijuana was legalized in Colorado — mostly for mental health symptoms, researchers reported Thursday. George Sam Wang, who led the study. Colorado legalized medical marijuana use in and made the recreational use of marijuana legal in Other studies have shown that ER visits involving marijuana use went up after those dates, especially among children and tourists visiting Colorado. Cannabis is legal for medical use in 28 states and Washington, D.

Almost one-quarter of teens in the emergency department also report symptoms consistent with post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD. Regardless of chief reason for emergency room visit, The adolescents commonly reported physical peer violence The study found that the PTSD symptoms strongly correlated with a variety of co-occurring risk exposures, such as being a victim of cyberbullying or physical peer violence, exposure to community violence and alcohol or drug use. Few of the teens with PTSD reported receiving any mental health care in the past year. Previous studies have suggested that emergency departments should screen adolescents for psychiatric disorders, given the large number of high-risk adolescents seen in the emergency department and its role as a liaison to community mental health services.

Researchers analyzed data on non-fatal, self-inflicted injuries of those treated in 60 emergency rooms, among ages 10 to Nearly 29, girls and about 14, boys with self-inflicted injuries were treated in emergency rooms during the study years, Rates of teens… https: All the injuries were intentional, but not all were suicide attempts, said lead author Melissa Mercado, a behavioral scientist. Injuries among girls aged 10 to 14 nearly tripled starting in , from about visits per , to almost per , Among young women aged , there was also a notable increase from from per , in to in Older teen girls had the highest rate of emergency room visits — per , in — but the increase among this group after was less steep. Overdosing on medication was most common among girls.

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Sam Wang said his study contrasts with surveys that suggest youth marijuana use in Colorado has not increased since legalization. But he said the study also has its limitations, meaning it adds important data to the debate over legalization but is not the final word on it. But this is just another way to look at the data that shows more teenagers are coming to the ER. The second measure is when a patient has a urine drug screen that comes back positive for marijuana. Wang said patients who receive psychiatric evaluations may be severely intoxicated or may have tried to commit suicide or talked about committing suicide. He said he hopes to publish the findings in a journal later this year. The findings add another layer to understanding how marijuana legalization has affected kids.

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When your child is sick or injured, it's natural to want to head straight for the emergency room ER. You know that you can get care, regardless of the time, day, or severity of your child's injury. In other cases, the illness or injury can be handled at an urgent care clinic or whenever your child's doctor can see you. When the ER is the right place to go, it's important to know what to expect once you get there. Call if:. Talk Misty After Diamond Pearl your doctor about what to do — and which ER to go to — before you're in a situation where you might need to visit one.


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Teens Visit Emergency Room

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(Reuters Health) - More visits to the emergency room by teens in Colorado are related to marijuana use than in the past, suggesting an impact of the drug’s legalization that needs closer attention, researchers say. “Most studies evaluating the impact of marijuana legalization. Suicide-related hospital visits for children and teens are up sharply, Sliding doors of a hospital emergency room are pictured in this undated. Research highlights need for improved screenings and early treatment. Bullying A study from Hasbro Children's Hospital has found that nearly.
Teens Visit Emergency Room

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Wang gathered data on marijuana-related emergency-room visits to Children's Hospital and its satellite clinics for teenagers and young adults. Incidents of attempted suicide and self-harm have increased among girls in the US, mainly since the financial crisis, says a new CDC. Knowing what to expect when you need to take your child to the emergency room of the visit and others dictate and fax the report to the primary care doctor.

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Teens Visit Emergency Room

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