Aerie Unretouched Photos
Aerie Unretouched Photos

Photoshop Isn’t the Problem

In a release on Friday, aerie announced that the ads are "challenging supermodel standards by featuring unretouched models in their latest collection of bras, undies and apparel. Spotlighting models sans Photoshop is a powerful move that most fashion brands, not to mention fashion magazines, rarely make. Notable exceptions, made all the more so due to their infrequency, include Marie Claire's cover with Jessica Simpson , Cate Blanchett on the cover of Intelligent Life in and Verily Magazine's total ban on all airbrushing. But aerie's decision to show its models in all their real, unretouched glory makes an even stronger statement because of who its customers are.

The advertisements featured women of all shapes and sizes, and none of them were retouched with photoshop or airbrushing. Anal Penetration Push brand is trying Aerie Unretouched Photos reach young women, as many young women struggle with body image issues. Girls, from a very young age, are constantly viewing ads with photoshopped supermodels, which ultimately makes them view themselves more negatively. I think this a great approach as it can connect with a lot of people and every girl can relate to it. This campaign makes sense for Aerie because it is a brand that sells bras, underwear, lingerie, and pajamas. Aerie integrates both owned and earned media with this campaign.

Since abandoning Photoshop in with its AerieREAL campaign, the company has consistently seen sales soar, quarter after quarter. Spokesmodel Iskra Lawrence has become something of an ambassador for body positivity. The company's latest campaign, Share Your Spark , takes it a step further. Rather than just showcasing unretouched models, the campaign showcases a variety of women in addition to models — like bloggers, designers, and more. Though the campaign debuted after the second quarter closed, it cements the company's commitment to showing today's version of beauty to its female customers, which is a more realistic portrayal of women that some of its competitors have historically showcased. It helps that the brand believes it selling more than just apparel. What we're doing today is really special because today [it's] not just about selling product, it really isn't. It's about driving something that the customer really believes in," Aerie's Global Brand President, Jennifer Foyle, said to Business Insider in an interview this summer.

Skip navigation! At this point, we're so used to seeing models who are digitally nipped, tucked, and tanned to poreless perfection that we actually get a little bit alarmed when we see the stretch marks on our own thighs. Thanks, unrealistic media portrayals of women! Well, no cash reward needed here. In its newest campaign, American Eagle's youth lingerie brand, Aerie , threw down the gauntlet and decided to feature totally unretouched models. Soon, when you search for a DD bra, you'll see an actual live DD-sized woman wearing it. Sort of sad that this feels so revolutionary, but anything that diversifies that headless, B-cup avatar common to most lingerie sites is okay in our book.

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But the fact that these photographs would be considered groundbreaking makes me just want to curl up on my couch and never show my hideously imperfect self again. Oh look — a perfect ass. The fold of skin under her armpit, maybe? Her tan line?

The lingerie retailer has been receiving kudos on social media this week for its latest round of images, which feature women with various medical conditions, diseases and disabilities. A woman with diabetes attaches her insulin pump to the back of her Aerie bra, another sits in a wheelchair. One woman uses forearm crutches, while another has an ostomy bag. Aerie cast the women included in these images after the brand put a call-out on social media, asking for women to share a video of themselves explaining why they wanted to be a part of the AerieREAL campaign. This week, the images gained attention on social media, with users praising the brand for its inclusivity. A few even noted that it was one of the first times they had seen someone with their disability or disease featured in such a public way. I am about to cry. Aerie is doing something so special!

Aerie Aerie, American Eagle's lingerie brand, has captured the hearts of young women by using relatable models. It stopped retouching images in Since removing altered pictures from its advertising, Aerie has seen a huge payoff. Further, these images from the lingerie company's Instagram — featuring women who are far more relatable than Victoria's Secret models — help show why Aerie is such a competitive name in the lingerie business. PR Newswire. Good Morning America. PR Newswire , Aerie.

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Four years ago, Aerie made the game-changing commitment to stop retouching their photos. It was a huge move Matt Striker Cock any fashion brand to make, much less one known for their swimwear, intimates and activewear offerings. In an industry riddled with airbrushing overload and unrealistic body standards, their decision sent the important message loud and clear that real is beautiful. While other brands including Missguided Aerie Unretouched Photos since followed suit and announced that they, too would stop photoshopping their imagery, we still have a long way to go before the practice is commonplace or Aerie Unretouched Photos least not the exception within the fashion world, and before women of all shapes, colors, sizes, and body types are equally represented. Last year, model and body positivity activist Iskra Lawrence was named the first AerieREAL Role Model, meaning that she would front campaigns for the brand and appear at pop-ups and in stores around the country to share her fitness and lifestyle tips and help spread the message of self-love.

They are breaking down societal norms to show that all people are beautiful, no matter your skin color, size, background, disability or illness. Look as this disability representation of people!!!

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Aerie Unretouched Photos

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Four years ago, Aerie made the game-changing commitment to stop retouching their photos. It was a huge move for any fashion brand to make. Let the real you shine & share your unretouched photos & #AerieREAL story. Mention or tag @Aerie & you could be featured!. #AerieREAL, the brand's ongoing campaign, aspires to promote body positivity through the use of unretouched images—typically, featuring.
Aerie Unretouched Photos

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See the images for Aerie's new Real campaign, featuring unretouched models. Since removing altered pictures from its advertising, Aerie has seen a huge These unretouched photos show why a teen retailer is giving. Aerie showcases a more realistic portrayal of women. These unretouched photos show why Victoria's Secret's top competitor is thriving.

Aerie's Unretouched Ads 'Challenge Supermodel Standards' For Check out a few of the aerie Real photos, shot by photographer John. Photos by Aerie and Rich Fury/Getty Images for Girlboss. Aerie's “unretouched” lingerie ads are still in principle the same as other lingerie. In , Aerie announced the #AerieREAL campaign, which showcased the company's dedication to using untouched, genuine photos of their.

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Aerie Unretouched Photos

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