Joey On Eastenders
Joey On Eastenders

Joey Branning

Welcome to Walford, E EastEnders Bye Joey! We take a look back at Joey's time in The Square. Previous Next. Lauren and Joey cross the line Their relationship quickly moved to another level This gallery is from. EastEnders Welcome to Walford, E

The following are characters who first appeared in the BBC soap opera EastEnders during listed by order of first appearance. New characters were introduced by Bryan Kirkwoodexecutive producer. He stepped down from the role in April. His last episode was on 13 July The first character to be introduced was the undertakerLes Coker.

The door was left open for a return — but right now, David is busy in his brilliant new stage role…. See the latest soap storylines. David Witts: I feel really incredibly lucky to be in this position. When I went to see Wicked, I remember leaving the theatre feeling really happy and inspired. I started out intending to do musical theatre and trained with the National Youth Music Theatre but as so often happens in life, I got side tracked and went into TV — something I never imagined myself doing. I had a wonderful time on Eastenders and was lucky enough to win a couple of awards for playing Joey.

When Joey arrives, he punches Derek Branning , then reveals he is his son. He makes it clear he wants nothing to do with Derek. He tricks Derek into giving him money, which he gives to Lucy, as Derek has been stealing money from her. He then decides to show Alice what Derek is really like, so invites several friends to a family dinner, leading to Derek trying to punch Joey. However, Alice is just angry at Joey for ruining her day. He later helps Lucy when she is being pestered by someone, and they end up kissing.

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Charming, good looking, a compulsive liar, Joey Branning thinks truth is what stops you from getting what you want. And he likes to get his way What would you like Joey to be? Because if he was describing himself to you, that's what he'd try to figure out. He's whatever you want him to be But be careful - this boy can be dangerous. He is the son of infamous East End crim, Derek Branning, after all.


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Joey On Eastenders

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Joseph "Joey" Branning is the estranged son and eldest child of Derek Branning, the brother of Alice Branning and ex-boyfriend of Peter Beale's twin sister Lucy Beale. When Joey arrives, he punches Derek Branning, then reveals he is his son. Later, he meets his cousin Lauren. Joey Branning. Charming, good looking, a compulsive liar, Joey Branning thinks truth is what stops you from getting what you want. And he likes to get his way. Joey Branning, played by David Witts, is the estranged son and to be joining EastEnders after being a fan for so many years.
Joey On Eastenders

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Joey On Eastenders

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