My Daddy Paints
My Daddy Paints

5 things a little girls dad must learn

I received complimentary products to facilitate my review. I saw the cutest finger paint idea from Whiskey Tango Foxtrot , using sticker letters! So when my girlfriend texted me saying that we should get the kiddos together for a play date that day… I knew it was the perfect time to try this finger paint craft out! But I drug out my ole trusty secret weapon, to at least spiff up the smell, and cover up the boy-smell, that our house is becoming ever so familiar with. When I get a last-minute call, saying someone is popping over, I grab my Febreze , and make a pass through the house. I had a few canvases, along with some scrapbook letters to create our finger paint art, and as always… finger paint on hand for our painting-loving toddlers.

We love this one from when Allie was younger. Now show me a dad that has not Deauxma Bondage this. Maybe one day! But it has something to do with werewolves and vampires, or something like that! So Dad, take the time to dance with your little girl… let her stand on your feet and take the lead. She will look up to you for everything else, let dancing be your jumping off point. Let loose and have fun with them!

Absolutely in love with my Starry Nights kicks from Shoes your Daddy! No one in India makes shoes like Shoes your daddy does. The kind of detailing and quality of the artwork is mind-blowing. Looks like they are printed and not painted. Amazing art. Super affordable and value for money. Thank you! Brilliant design and quality, my shoes rack is full of Shoes your Daddy!


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My Daddy Paints

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For Father's Day this year, I knew I wanted my kiddos to craft up something special for their daddy, so off to Pinterest I went. I saw the cutest finger paint idea from. I'm Hooked On Daddy - Father's Day Gift Idea - Glued To My Crafts. Hooked on Daddy Handprint fish Fathers Day card / crafty gift for the kids / toddler / baby to. See more ideas about Happy fathers day, Happy valentines day dad, Father's Day. paint your own ceramics. perfect father's day gift! Dad Rocks, Love Dad.
My Daddy Paints

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My dad rocks! Guitar footprints. // Oh this is new Plate Crafts · Guitar Footprint Plate | Paint Your Own Pottery | Paint Your Pot | Cary, North. More information. Absolutely in love with my Starry Nights kicks from Shoes your Daddy! There is hardly a day that goes by when I wear my hand painted shoes and people. “Mason would you bring your dad on up?” The teacher asks. “My dad is an artist. He paints pictures and sells them. My dad gets to work at home and has his.

Sean and at least listened to what my father had to say. By the time he was It was next tobe painted and Sean willingly donated one of his walls to my efforts.

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My Daddy Paints

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