Naruto Fucks Tsume Fanfiction
Naruto Fucks Tsume Fanfiction

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Hey Guys, I know it's been a while an some of you have asked for more chapters for 'Behind Her Eyes' but as of right now I have scraped everything that I have written since last time I updated. I had 2 chapters done and a half revised one in the works when I realized that I was starting to drift into a different direction than the one planned out for the story. I don't know when I will next update it but hopefully soon seeing as my thoughts haven't really been on that story or KP for all that matter; but I will be putting some time in to sit down and flesh out a good fourth chapter that. I will hopefully have out soon. Hana had just slammed the door to her house and walked into the living room where her mother and brother both sat staring at her.

I do not own Naruto of any affiliated characters or storylines. This story is written for fun, not profit. Naruto trudged towards Konoha at a slow pace, hanging at his side in his right hand was a bouquet of paper roses given to him by Konan. Using Sage Mode four times in a row had exhausted him. As Naruto was about to collapse something snapped him to attention, a large plume of smoke not too far Naruto Fucks Tsume Fanfiction his position. Naruto dropped the flowers and took a fighting stance ready for anything. When the smoke Momir Basic Strategy Naruto was surprised to see a large wolf looking down at him, it was about half the size of Gamaken and it was covered with familiar black piercing.

While running some minor errands she had bumped into Naruto, who had just gotten back from his first mission with the new Team Yamato two days earlier, and somehow he had maneuvered them into an alleyway without her even noticing. So here she was, back against the alley wall, kimono top loosened, chest binding a pile of ash on the ground, her huge tits on display, legs spread, and panties pushed to the side. Naruto was rubbing his massive cock-head against her rapidly moistening pussy lips. Just as she was about to protest further Naruto chose that moment to thrust his hips upward, forcing the bulbous tip of his cock into her tight cunt. Everything Shizune was about to say to turned into a gasp as she was stretched to accommodate the large intruder. In public!

Anko had to use all her Shinobi training to hide the otherwise noticeable limp she was sporting from the intense fucking Naruto put her through last night and later on while in the shower earlier this morning when he woke up. Fortunately, Kyuubi had been kind enough to keep the sperm sterile until much later so the chance of pregnancy being zero, and no one would suspect the two of going at it like rabbits in heat. Not that Anko was regretting her action in getting screwed roughly by the Genin, as she had desired it long before Naruto using his Submission Eye, for a sexual relationship with a man capable of doing such things to her, and filling among other things that void within her soul that always seemed empty until now. Granted, had Naruto's bloodline not put her in this position, Anko would have most likely missed it, and the now legally adult of a Genin ranked Shinobi would be suffering a great deal of pain at the moment long after she first encountered him roughly a year ago. With a smirk on her face, the Special Jounin was thought back to that memory of how he was able to allude her for as long as he did, and her stupid overreaction to him spilling of all that lovely dango.

In Konoha, different women prefer different kinds of sex. Some like normal, plain old, lovemaking Others are more adventurous, preferring sex in public places, or a variety of different positions. A small contingent of women even enjoy bondage, placing themselves totally in another's hands. And then there are the Inuzuka women. Historically, and instinctively, they sought rough, hard, long-lasting sex. It was just a part of them.

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Naruto was currently in the middle of one of his private training sessions. At the very moment, he was in the middle of a deep meditation and drawing in nature chakra like he'd done many times before. Once he had gathered a sufficient amount, he summoned several clones that he had charged with Kurama's chakra and had them attack him. This experiment he was currently in the middle of was meant to see how he'd fair if he couldn't use Kurama's help during a fight while facing someone with Biju chakra in battle. Naruto's abilities with Sage Mode was different from his abilities with Kurama's chakra. While in his Kyuubi mode, he was much faster and was able to deliver more powerful attacks and enormous levels of chakra available.

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It is time baby. I own nothing. It has been three weeks since the wedding and Naruto and his girls were doing great. Every day Naruto would get up and check on his girls and how the clan house is coming along. Naruto made love to all his girls. They all liked different things.

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Naruto Fucks Tsume Fanfiction

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Tsume offers a challenge and Naruto accepts. Rated: Fiction M .. Just hurry up and get them off so you can fuck me already!" she gritted out. "Grr fuck!" Tsume cursed as she abandoned the belt and reached down to the crotch of her pants, grasping at the fabric with both hands she. After a few interactions with each other Tsume opens up and lets a good friend in, but what she . NARUTO UZUMAKI, FUCKED my MOM.
Naruto Fucks Tsume Fanfiction

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Tsume only smirked at the look on his face. Or who am I gonna fuck now? Tsume smirked at herself when she got up a bit to have Naruto. The only reason Tsume does it with her clan, is because she is an love to fuck," said Anko while disrobing and then walking towards Naruto. If she let Naruto fuck her again he'd keep her impaled on his cock all day. "Go bug Tsunade-sama or Anko-san if you're still horny." Tsume.

said Tsume as she getting very angry at Naruto with his eyes glows in .. real Naruto thrust his cock into Inuki's pussy who also fuck in the ass. After that I told her i'd be over to fuck you and well, here I am." Tsume said, placing her tight pussy onto Naruto's sac, making him moan out. Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto nor the characters from it. . “Tsume.” He grunted even as he continued to fuck squirting pussy juice out of the shuddering girl.

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