Vampire Bloodlines Jeanette Seduction
Vampire Bloodlines Jeanette Seduction

Jeanette Voerman

Jeanette Voerman is a Malkavian with split personality who is acting Baron of Santa Monica , she owns a nightclub called The Asylum with her other personality, Therese. Jeanette is an extremely friendly Malkavian, loyal to the Anarchs , and she flirts with the main character nearly every chance she gets. Jeanette is an important character during the game time spent in Santa Monica. Her exact age is unknown, but Jeanette mentioned their last sunrise as being over two lifetimes ago. Therese states that she and Jeanette did get along at one point, mainly because she did not have many friends due to her father never allowing her out, thinking that she would get hurt in the outside world — as a result, Jeanette was the only one who was there for her and they would create their own fantasy world which they would rule over. Therese is only other known relation from her time alive was her father, who would molest her when drunk. Therese blames Jeanette for his alcoholism, saying that her bad behavior was tormenting him.

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The World of Darkness is a place where immortal monsters pull the strings of humanity. Violence and despair are common here. The world is bleak, but escape is an ever-present commodity - perhaps too present Official 1.

The sex is only implied through voice-acting over a black screen, however. A video of this scene can be viewed here. Players can also hire sex workers who they kiss and then drink the blood of, as seen in this video. Bloodlines Discussion. The Masquerade. Vampire Masquerade Bloodlines, lesbian lovemaking with Jeanette. Twitter Facebook. Like this:

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A forum for those playing Bloodlines to talk about what they've encountered, compare notes and help each other out with quests etc. This forum will contain spoilers from all stages of the game so browsers beware! Last post by Malkav in Re: Is the masquerade do Last post by TheVampyr in Re: Are you having trouble with the game?

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Vampire Bloodlines Jeanette Seduction

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Bloodlines Jeanette/Tourette conversation FAQ Version: By Jake Zahn Email - Need a Seduction of 2, are Malkavian - 1. I'm a Malkavian right now, and I have a Persuasion of 4 and a Seduction of 4. I did all the Seduction options with Jeanette and sided with. Jeanette Voerman is a Malkavian with split personality who is acting Baron of Santa Monica, she Jeanette's model for Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines.
Vampire Bloodlines Jeanette Seduction

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I'd like my character to sleep with Jeanette, but the "save both" option seems Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 - Announcement Trailer Persuasion has to be high enough to save both, and Seduction has to be high later, and you can visit her whenever you please for some weird vampire sex. Vampire The Masquerade seriesSaving Both Therese and Jeanette! 2) Use pink/seduction lines in at least one occasion; Jeanette and the NOT point in seduction and more importantly, the pink dialogue with Jeanette. Save Therese and Jeanette Mini-FAQ - updated for UP up to bring it to the attention of my fellow Bloodlines fans that there's a very easy trying to get a high inspection feat with this character), seduction 2, and the most.

Questions about Therese/Jeanette. (therese seduce and jeanette seduce it's called) Rolling dice for persuasion Vampire: the Masquerade. In Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines, female player-characters can flirt with, seduce, and in one instance have sex with female non-player characters Vampire Masquerade Bloodlines, lesbian lovemaking with Jeanette.

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Vampire Bloodlines Jeanette Seduction

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